35 degree roof finials
All products listed in this category are based on a 35° angled ridge tile and suit roofs that have a 110° (or close) roof pitch. The products are typically installed on the gable end of the roof
35 degree mini dragon balltop roof finial35 degree dragon balltop roof finial

Mini dragon balltop finial


This is a lovely ball top dragon finial that is based on a ...

horse head roof finial 35 degree pitch ridge110 degree pitch horsehead crest finial

Horse head gable roof finial


The horse head gable roof finial is a stunning horse finial ...

winged dragon on a 35 degree ridge tiledragon finial 110 degree pitch

Ridgeback dragon gable end finial


The ridgeback dragon gable end finial is a nice ...

sabre roof dragon 35 degree ridge110 degree pitch dragon crest finial

Sabre ridge dragon finial


The sabre ridge dragon finial is a beautiful dragon finial ...

ob range hip end dragon roof finial

Mini dragon ridge finial


The mini dragon ridge finial is a stunning dragon finial ...

Mini dragon ridge finialMini dragon roof ridge finial

Poking tongue gable gargoyle


The poking tongue gable gargoyle is a lovely detailed ...

Small ridge gable end dragon roll top

Small angled ridge mini dragon


The small angled ridge mini dragon is a detailed dragon ...


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