45 degree finials
All products listed in this category are based on a 45° angled ridge tile and suit roofs that have a 90° (or close) roof pitch. The products are typically installed on the gable end of the roof
90 degree pitch dragon finial45 degree angled ridge tile dragon

Baby king dragon finial


The angled baby king dragon is an exclusive roof dragon ...

oriental style dragon finialoriental style rooftop dragon decoration

Oriental wyvern finial


This wyvern roof finial has a distinct oriental look and ...

dragon finial installed on a slate roof with terracotta ridge tilesterracotta ridge tiles on a slate roof

Classic roof dragon


This is the "King" roof dragon. The nickname came about ...

stop end wyvern roof finiallarge stop end wyvern for roof or for a gate pier

Large wyvern gate pier


This stunning wyvern roof finial is adapted from a similar ...

large terracotta wyvern installed on the roofwyvern and dragon installed on clay roof

Large wyvern finial


The large wyvern finial is the biggest roof finial in the ...

terra cotta dragon finialterracotta ridge dragon

Mythical dragon finial


This roof dragon has a lovely mythical style and theme and ...

terracotta roof dragon on white backgroundanthracite roof dragon on white background

Baby dragon finial


The roof dragon is a smaller adaptation of the classic roof ...

cheeky oriental style roof wyvernoriental style roof wyvern

Wyvern poking tongue finial


This is the special poking tongue wyvern roof finial. It is ...

angled chreub roof finial on angled tile 45 degreesangled ridge tile 90 degree angel finial

Angel roof finial


The angled angel roof finial is a lovely piece which is ...

horse roof finial in terracottaterracotta horse roof finial

Poseidon sea horse finial


This is the lovely poseidon seahorse roof finial. It has ...

terracotta and grey poseidon horse finialslate grey and terracotta poseidon horse roof finial

Poseidon horse finial


This is the lovely 2 tone version of the poseidon horse ...

clay terracotta dragon wyvernclay roof dragon wyvern original

Original clay terracotta dragon wyvern


This is an unusual and scarce hand made clay wyvern roof ...

terracotta roof wyvernwyvern roof finial quality reproduction

Wyvern roof finial


This fabulous wyvern roof finial is a reproduction of a ...

45 degree mini dragon roof finial45 degree mini dragon roof finial for gable end

Gable end mini dragon finial


This is a lovely dragon finial that features the dragon ...

oa range 45 mini dragon roof finial pictureoa range 45 mini dragon roof finial installed on the roof

Mini dragon gable end finial


This is a nice decorative dragon roof finial. The dragon is ...

Gable end horse finial 45 degreesGable end nags head finial close up showing the detail

Gable end horse finial


The horse head gable end finial is a lovely piece that ...

Gable end dragon crest roof finialGable end dragon roof finial

Gable ridgeback dragon finial


The gable ridgeback dragon finial is a lovely decorative ...

gable end sabre dragon finial from the side viewgable end sabre dragon finial

Sabre dragon gable end finial


The sabre dragon gable end finial is a nice ornamental ...

ictorian column,poking tounge gargoyle

Gable end poking tongue gargoyle


The gable end poking tongue gargoyle is a nice ornamental ...

sabre dragon finial decorative crest

Sabre ridge dragon roof finial


The sabre ridge dragon roof finial is a lovely detailed ...

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