Dragon finial colour matching service

We can produce any of our dragon finials and roof finials in bespoke colours and finishes to suit various styles of roofs and individual needs. We regularly colour match to customer tile samples sent via post to our workshop

Our previous work and case studies includes colour matching to popular roof tile manufacturers including Marley roof tiles, Wienerberger, Redland, Sandtoft, Forticrete and more. In these cases customers have already purchased roof tiles or roofing supplies from the roof tile manufacturer but need to add or restore architectural detail in the form of roof finials and need them to be in keeping with surrounding roof features, colours and detailing

When there is a need to finish finials in a specific colour or finish so that it blends in seamlessly with the roof colour matching is a good option to go for. We can colour our products to tile samples, colour samples and sometimes a manufacturers colour code (If we have done a colour match piece in the colour before). Colour matching costs £10.00 per finial and doing special two tone effects are £25.00 per finial on top of prices advertised on the website (if you are ordering multiple pieces we may offer a discount on colour matching and bespoke colour effects)

Colour finishes

In addition to bespoke colour matching by default we stock products in the antique terracotta colour but we also offer alternative standard colour finishes too. These are anthracite, slate grey and bathstone for chimney pots

Special colour effects

- Products can be finished with two tone colour effects
- The dragon sculpture or finial sculpture can be finished in a different contrasting colour from the ridge tile it is based on so it really stands out
- We can produce metallic, matt, gloss and sand textured finishes. Also many other styles can also be reproduced on request

Weathering and detail

If you need a product to have a more rustic or weathered look we can reproduce the effect on any of the products. This is useful when an existing roof features natural weathered roof tiles and fittings and a product is needed to suit the existing roof. Customers can send us a physical sample to our workshop and we can replicate weathering detail and effects

baby king marley ashurstBaby king marley ashurst
baby king marley ashurst

Baby king marley ashurst

This was a colour match we did for a customer that wanted a decorative angled roof dragon to match their marley ashurst plain ridge tiles

The finished piece was a good colour match and featured 3 different colours to get the same effect. These were terracotta, blue and black

brown roof dragon matchBrown roof dragon match
brown roof dragon match

Brown roof dragon match

This was a rough sandfaced brown colour match that we did for a customer that wanted the dragon to be finished with a similar effect

The customer asked if we could replicate the rough look of the tile on the roof dragon

Chinese Centre dragonChinese centre dragon
Chinese Centre dragon

Chinese centre dragon

This was one of two dragons that we supplied to the Chinese culture centre based at Wellington College in Dukes Ridge

The customer wanted some authentic looking roof dragon finials to decorate the centre and our pieces were just what they were looking for

colour matched roof dragonsColour matched roof dragons
colour matched roof dragons

Colour matched roof dragons

These special and unique roof dragons were created for a customer based in Wales

The customer had a slate roof and was looking for some slate coloured welsh dragons to decorate their roof. The opted to go for a special two tone effect so that the dragons are coloured in terracotta to stand out

colour match finial 005Colour match finials
colour match finial 005

Colour match finials

These lovely roof gargoyles were colour matched to spec to the customers ridge tile sample

It was important that the gargoyles matched in nice with the other ridge tiles and fittings on the roof so they opted to go for the colour match option

group pic redland universal slate greyRedland universal slate grey
group pic redland universal slate grey

Redland universal slate grey

The customer had some redland universal slate grey tiles and wanted some roof finials to finish off the roof to decorate 2 x gable ends and a porch

The customer had only found terracotta and black finials up until that point and was delighted that they could use our colour matching service to match the finials to the redland colour

hawk colour match  8 7 13 002Hawk colour match
hawk colour match  8 7 13 002

Hawk colour match

The hawk colour match features a burnished effect where there is some black streaks over a bright and vivid terracotta colour

The colour match was a very good representation of the colour and the customer was delighted to receive their special Hawk roof finial

henry colour matched 008Henry colour matched
henry colour matched 008

Henry colour matched

This was a colour match featuring a terracotta tile with a dark effect over the top

The customer wanted a decorative gargoyle roof finial to decorate the gable end but didn't want the colour to be a mismatch against their other tiles and fittings so they opted to go for colour matching

mythical antique gold dragon 003Mythical antique gold
mythical antique gold dragon 003

Mythical antique gold

These were a pair of special antique gold dragon finials produced for a customer with terra cotta roof tiles

The customer really wanted to add something eye catching and a bit of bling to the roof so what better than a stunning pair of antique gold roof dragons

Redland ridge gargyoyle colour matchRedland ridge gargyoyle
Redland ridge gargyoyle colour match

Redland ridge gargyoyle

This was a special two tone gargoyle produced to match the redland colour but with the gargoyle finished in a lighter contrasting terracotta colour to stand out

The customer was delighted with the creation and has commented about the lovely comments they have received

roof dragons and chimney pots colour matchRoof dragons and chim pots
roof dragons and chimney pots colour match

Roof dragons and chim pots

These segmental roof dragons were colour matched to a french pantile

They were made in a batch including some chimney pots and other segmental dragon finials for a customer based in the south of france that was designing a garden chinese tea house. They were thrilled with the finished pieces

victor gargoyle grey greenVictor gargoyle grey green
faversham roof dragon

Victor gargoyle grey green

This was a colour match to an unusual grey coloured tile with a green hue

The customer was really pleased with their bespoke colour matched piece


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