stop end finials

The finials listed in this category either feature closed ends at the front and rear end of the ridge tile or a single closed end. The majority of the finials are suitable for use on gable ends or as decorative gate piers. We don't currently stock left and right variations for gate piers but they do create a stunning feature either on the roof or as gate piers

stop end wyvern roof finiallarge stop end wyvern for roof or for a gate pier

Large wyvern gate pier


This stunning wyvern roof finial is adapted from a similar ...

Segmental capped gargoyle roof finialSegmental capped gargoyle finial

Segmental capped gargoyle finial


The segmental capped gargoyle finial is a ornament gargoyle ...

Segmental horse ridge finialSegmental horse roof finial

Capped segmental horse finial


The segmental horse roof finial is a detailed horse finial ...

Segmental mini capped dragon finialCapped segmental mini dragon roof finial

Segmental capped mini dragon finial


The segmental capped mini dragon finial is a ornament ...

Capped segmental ridgeback dragon finial diagCapped segmental ridgeback dragon finial side

Segmental capped dragon finial


The segmental capped dragon finial is a ornament dragon ...

Capped segmental sabre dragon roof finialCapped segmental sabre dragon finial

Segmental capped sabre dragon finial


The segmental capped sabre dragon finial is a lovely dragon ...


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