square roof finials
This category contains square 4 sided roof finials. The ridge tile part of the finial is enclosed on all 4 sides and they can be installed on pyramid shaped roofs, 4 sided roofs, double hipped roofs and even flat roofs or flat surfaces to add architectural detail and decoration to the roof

The square finials measure up at 12" square and are angled at 45 degrees and can be installed on a flat base or depending on the angle and room available at an apex will fit over existing hip tiles,  bonnets or ridge tiles. On the underside of the finial there is a pyramid shaped void and the finials can be fitted in place by either mortar bedding or a combination of mortar bedding and a metal strap. The metal strap is secured to the finial and can be nailed or screwed to part of the roof structure and then mortar can hide the metal strap from view and give further stability
Double hip gargoyle roof finialDouble hip end gargoyle roof finial

Double hip gargoyle roof finial


The double hip gargoyle roof finial is a detailed gargoyle ...

Square horse finialSquare horse roof finial

Square horse roof finial


The square horse roof finial is a beautiful horse finial ...

Double hip end dragon finialDouble hip end dragon roof finial

Double hip end dragon finial


The double hip end dragon finial is a detailed dragon ...

Pyramid roof hip end dragon finialPyramid roof dragon finial

Pyramid roof dragon finial


The pyramid roof dragon finial is a stunning dragon finial ...

Four sided sabre roof finialFour sided roof sabre roof finial

Four sided roof sabre roof finial


The four sided roof sabre roof finial is a nice ornamental ...


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