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Large wyvern finial

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The large wyvern finial is the biggest roof finial in the range and our flagship piece. It is a colossal finial that features a fantastic wyvern. The wings, claws
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This large wyvern is the biggest in the range and our flagship piece. It is a colossal finial that features a fantastic wyvern with great architectural detailing clinging to the side of the ridge tile

The wyvern is based on a 45° angled ridge tile with wings extended high into the air with mouth open. It looks like it will take off at any minute and when looking up to the roof because of its sheer size and beauty it really does give the roof the wow factor

It is ideal for roofs with a 90 degree pitch. It is a stunning focal point when installed on a gable end and previous customers that have purchased one feedback how many times it is admired by people passing by and indeed the customers themselves. It has a lovely mythical style and theme running through the piece and the wings, claws, and body detailing and proportions look great

It is a timeless piece and this is a reproduction based on a piece dating back to the Victorian era. It was used to decorate some of the finest buildings of the time. We do have a version of this wyvern in the range which we have adapted to have one closed end (Ridge tile open at the back). The piece can be installed on the roof or used as a gate pier

Large wyvern measurementsFitting: 45° angled ridge tile for 90° roof pitch
Material: Concrete based roofing product
Lead time:Please allow approx. 7-8 weeks lead time from ordering for item(s) to be manufactured as we are currently making all items to order
Delivery:Signed for tracked delivery to UK mainland England and Wales is included in the price
Performance & Quality:All products are certified and tested to BS EN 490:2004 & BS EN 491:2004. The product is freeze\thaw resistant and the default finish is similar to the appearance of clay products
Installing the wyvern: The wyvern can be installed anywhere on the roof along the ridge line but typically they are installed on the end of a gable or hip end. If there are existing ridge tiles on the roof a ridge tile can be removed and the finial can be fitted in place with mortar to bed them in
Mechanical Fixing (Optional): Finials include a flexible metal strap on the underside of the ridge tile section out of view which allows optional mechanical fixing so the finial can be fixed to the roof structure with either a nail or screw and then the mortar bed then hides the metal strap and further strengthens the install. The metal strap is strong, flexible and can be uncoiled and cut to size

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