Photos of dragon finials


Dragon finials are a great choice to decorate and add an architectural feature to the roof. They can be used to great effect on all kinds of roofs and properties and there is a wide range of ridge tile fitting options to choose from

They have been part of UK architecture for well over 100 years and were very popular in the Victorian era where dragon finials, mythical creatures, wyverns and gargoyles commonly featured on the roofs. The dragon finials are still of course very fashionable and we offer a great range of quality original and replica roof dragons. There is a changing trend where decorative finials not only feature on period and traditional properties but feature just about on all kinds of properties from Victorian to new adding charm and character

A high percentage of the original dragon finials have also become damaged and broken in time so we also help customers to restore original features to their property and the dragons of course look stunning on modern properties too. There are a range of designs and styles to suit nearly any requirement, a speciality is offering quality restoration pieces to replace the originals and there is a selection of newer modern designs to suit new styles of architecture

In the below gallery there are images of roof dragons sitting on top of grade listed buildings, Victorian properties, cottages, porches, garage roofs, sheds and many more types of roof structures. You can get an idea of how versatile and decorative they look on the various structures

If you would like to send us a picture of your dragon roof finial to feature in our picture gallery we would be most grateful

Send us an email attaching the picture and we will be delighted to add it to our dragon finial picture gallery section:

Chinese centre roof dragonChinese themed roof dragon
Chinese centre roof dragon

Chinese themed roof dragon

A lovely chinese themed roof dragon installed on the roof

Roof detailGable end roof dragon
Roof detail

Gable end roof dragon

This is one of the DRA-KING dragons installed on a gable end roof

close up of roof dragon on chinese tea house roofDragon in south france
close up of roof dragon on chinese tea house roof

Dragon in south france

This is the segmental king dragon with colour matching installed on the roof in the South of France

dragon finial being installed by rooferRoofer installing dragon
dragon finial being installed by roofer

Roofer installing dragon

This is a picture of a roofer installing one of our special colour matched baby king dragons finished in marley ashurst colour

gargoyles and dragons on a palletDragons and gargoyles
gargoyles and dragons on a pallet

Dragons and gargoyles

These lovely colour matched dragons and gargoyles were produced for a customer in the USA

segmental dragons and grey chimney potsChimney pots and dragons
segmental dragons and grey chimney pots

Chimney pots and dragons

These fabulous dragon finials and chimney pots were produced for a customer in the South of France

dragon finial installed on apexLarge roof wyvern
dragon finial installed on apex

Large roof wyvern

This lovely brown colour matched roof wyvern features at a large pet food supply shop in Cambridgeshire

dragon roof finial close upHalf round dragon
dragon roof finial close up

Half round dragon

This lovely customer photo was taken of the guardian dragon on a lovely sunny day with the blue sky and clouds as the backdrop

Slate grey roof dragonSlate grey dragon
Slate grey roof dragon

Slate grey dragon

This was a special slate grey segmental dragon produced for a customer

dragon finial installed on a bungalowDragon on bungalow
dragon finial installed on a bungalow

Dragon on bungalow

This is a segmental dragon installed on the porch of a bungalow

dragon finials in sandstone colourSandstone roof dragons
dragon finials in sandstone colour

Sandstone roof dragons

These lovely sandstone dragons were produced for a customer to match their stunning and unusual buff clay sandstone ridge tiles

faversham roof dragonDragon in faversham
faversham roof dragon

Dragon in faversham

This is a DRA-KING roof finial installed on a beautiul property in Faversham in Kent

gable end roof dragon finialGable end dragon
gable end roof dragon finial

Gable end dragon

This is a half round dragon finial installed on a gable end

gold and terracotta dragon roof finialsAntique gold dragons
gold and terracotta dragon roof finials

Antique gold dragons

These are a pair of breathtaking antique gold metallic effect dragons made bespoke for a customer

roof dragon on a palletRoof dragon on pallet
roof dragon on a pallet

Roof dragon on pallet

This was a special reduced height dragon pictured on a pallet adjacent to the customers ridge tile

grey and terracotta dragonsGrey and terracotta dragons
grey and terracotta dragons

Grey and terracotta dragons

A pair of stunning roof dragons made to match a slate roof with dragons finished in terracotta to stand out


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