half round dragon finials

The products listed in this category are among the most versatile in the range because the half round ridge tile that the products are based on will work with pretty much any roof pitch provided the roof pitch isn't unusually wide or narrow. The tile length is typically 12 inches or close and not to be confused with the longer and shallower range of products we have in the segmental dragon finials category

half round ridge dragon sitting on indian stone paversslate grey dragon finial

Enchanting dragon finial


This roof dragon has great proportions. The wings are eye ...

half round ridge tile dragonhalf round aged terracotta dragon finial

Baby king half round finial


The piece is an adaptation of the classic roof dragon ...

dragon finial sitting on indian stoneaged terracotta dragon roof finial

Guardian dragon finial


This cheeky roof dragon is a high detailed design with ...

terracotta winged ridge dragondragon finial on a half round ridge tile

Baby king half round


This is a stunning half round dragon finial with a ...

half round gargoyle ridge tileBack view of gargoyle roof finial in terracotta

Henry gargoyle finial


The henry gargoyle is a beautiful mythical beast sculptured ...

side view of koi carp fish roof finialside view of carp roof finial

Fish roof finial


The fish roof finial is one for the anglers, Koi keepers ...

praying angel roof finial sculptureterracotta cherub statue roof finial praying

Praying angel roof finial


This is a lovely angel roof finial which features a ...

car port hawk roof finial with marley colour matchhawk on the roof. A finial installed on a gable end

Hawk roof finial


The hawk roof finial is a fantastic bird of prey finial ...

owl roof finial with aged terracotta appearanceside view of owl roof finial on gravel path

Owl roof finial


The owl roof finial is a lovely sculptured owl based on a ...

side view of cat roof finialclose up of terracotta cat finial

Felix cat roof finial


The felix cat is a beautiful half round cat roof finial ...

half round cat roof finial from the sideterracotta half round cat finial

Tabitha cat finial


This is a lovely half round cat finial. It features a cat ...

Half round gargoyle roof finialHalf round gargoyle roof finial colour match

Half round gargoyle roof finial


The half round gargoyle roof finial is a lovely gargoyle ...

Half round horse finialHalf round horse head finial

Half round horse finial


The half round horse finial is a stunning horse finial that ...

half round mini dragon roof finialhalf round mini dragon roof finial3

Half round mini dragon finial


The half round mini dragon finial is a beautiful dragon ...

dragon cat and fish roof finialshalf round mini dragon roof finial

Half round ridgeback dragon finial


The half round ridgeback dragon finial is a decorative ...

Half round sabre dragon finialHalf round sabre dragon finial 2

Half round sabre dragon finial


The half round sabre dragon finial is a decorative dragon ...

half round king ridge tile dragon finialhalf round 18 inch dragon finial

King half round dragon finial


This is a lovely half round dragon finial which has been ...


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